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Sleepy-time Pals


Story by Beth Cooper
Copyright 2013


Once apon-a-time, there was a girl called Bety Bop,
she always loved to laugh, jump and hop.

Around and around like a jumping bean
and this made her giggle, laugh and scream.

Bety was so noisy, just like a boisterous bull,
that everyone around blocked their ears with cottonwool.

Now, while it's true that jumping is always lots of fun
and laughing and screaming is great out in the sun;

When it comes to bed-time it's really not so fine,
to be jumping like a bean and shouting all the time.

So finally Grandma said, 'It's time to go to bed, 
you must stop jumping all around and rest your little head.

'Oh, why?' said Bety, as she laughed and bounced along.
'Jumping is such fun and the night is so long!'

Grandma looked at Bety and firmly shook her head,
she pointed her finger at the bed and this is what she said;

'Now you don't want to miss the train to Wonderland,
it's going to the beach where you can play in the sand.

Your Sleepy-time Pals are waiting there for you,
but you must rest your head so they can take you there too.'

'Quick sticks! little Bety, you don't want to be late,
the train will be coming and you must be at the gate.'

Well, Bety loved trains and Bety loved the beach
and her Sleepy-time Pals were always fun to meet.

So, quick as a flash, Bety bounced right into bed
and snuggled under the covers to rest her little head.

Wow, she was just in time as the train came round the bend
and her Sleepy-time Pals called 'Hop on!', and that's THE END.



Bety Bop Helps Joey Hop


Poem by Beth Cooper
Copyright 2012


Once apon -a -time, there was a baby kangaroo,
his name was little Joey and he didn't know what to do.

He watched his friend called Bety walking down the street;
but when he tried to walk like her, he just got tangled feet!

He said to little Bety, 'Why can't I walk like you?'
Then Bety had a great idea and showed him what to do.

She said, 'Hey little Joey, you're a kangaroo
and walking just like me is really not for you!'

What you need to do is bound and jump and hop,
so come and follow me and we'll do the Bety Bop!'

*'Do The Bety Bop' song in on the CD 'Sing and Hop with Bety Bop'



Grandma Loves Green


Poem by Beth Cooper
Copyright 2012


When Bety was almost turning three
she loved to sit on Grandma's knee.

She liked to ask Grandma lots of questions
of every type from all directions.

Now, on this very day it seemed,
Bety was keen to know why she was wearing green.

Grandma said it was her favourite colour
and she loved it more than any other.

Well, that was not an adequate reply,
so Bety began to ask her 'why?'

Then Grandma smiled and said 'You know-
green is the colour of things that grow.

From the big gumtree that you love to climb
to the grass we sit on at picnic time.

So, that is why it is the colour
that I prefer than any other.'

Well, Bety just giggled and shook her head
and asked why the grass and the trees were not red?

For red was the colour that she loved best,
she loved it above all the rest!

Now, Grandma sighed and Grandma said,
'I think it's time you went to bed!'



Joey Kangaroo who didn't know what to do


A story about an adventurous baby kangaroo called Joey. He gets into difficulties and his bush friends come to help him out. In the end it's Bety Bop who saves the day and helps Joey. Joey learns from his friends that it's working together that makes dreams come true!

*Go to VIDEOS to hear the story!



Blue Kangaroo




By Beth Cooper

Copyright 2012


Long, long ago and far, far away there was a sunburnt land of rocks and clay.

Now on this land of rocks and sand lived a kangaroo and his name was Blue.

You know, Blue kangaroo had a problem or two, as this spot was so hot it put his tail in a knot.

He said 'This land is so RED, this land is so HOT, I have to keep hopping and I cannot stop!

Now I must leave, now I must go; now I must travel high and low.'

Blue bounded high and he bounded low, he bounded fast and he bounded slow.

On and on he did go until he reached the land of SNOW!

Now Blue was as surprised as me and you and really wondered what he should do.

'This place is so cold, this place is so white; I don't think I'll stay the night!'

So Blue bounded far and he bounded wide until he reached the BLUE SEASIDE.

Now a smile came over his face and he said, 'I really like this place!

It's not too cold, it's not too hot, I think I'll stay right on this spot.'


Now it wasn't too long before he was found by a throng of unusual creatures with interesting features.

One was a wombat rather slow and fat, another a koala with a curious hat.

He said 'I must protect my sensitive complection from the blazing sun and the water's reflection.'

'We don't ever have that trouble', said some squeaky voices from out of the rubble.

It was of course a lizard or two who had decided to join the crew.

Then there was a bang, a bump and a bustle as overhead a tree started to rustle.

Two big bright eyes were blinking there, trying to adjust to the sun and the glare.

It was a cute little ring-tailed possum whose pointy noise was all covered in blossom.

All in all they were a friendly bunch, and as Blue looked so sad, they invited him to lunch.

Then with a noisy clatter and a great deal of chatter, they all asked Blue what was the matter?

Blue said he was looking for a nice new home where he could make some friends of his own.

At that the bush friends broke out with a cheer and said that his new home just had to be here!

So there Blue stopped and there he stayed with his new bush buddies where they could laugh and play;

and if you're ever travelling that way you may see them having fun to this very day!




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