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Sing and Hop with Bety Bop : CD + Book

The CD contains:


12 original songs in English

Bonus instrumental version


Children love to laugh and have fun so, with this in mind I wrote a collection of songs with catchy tunes, strong rhythms and simple texts for fun and easy learning.

All songs have been recorded with authentic musical instruments to help generate a stong interest and appreciation in music.

Some songs have an educational point in mind while others concentrate on movement or dance routines. 

All songs encourage the development of English language skills through the use of rhyming and repetition.

Do the Bety Bop
How Do You Do
Crunchy Green Apples
I Can Blow Bubbles
Bend and Stretch
Houby Ho!
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo
Pouch Babies
Rainbow Song
Quiet Little Mouse
World Family
Lazy Hippopotamus

This book contains:


80 pages

Hard cover


Full colour illustrations

Song Lyrics

Fun activities

Notated music with guitar chords

Black and white colour- in pictures, photocopiable


Right (above) are some sample pages from the book →


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25.00 EUR / 300.00 CZK