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Beth Cooper ( Bety)





Beth Cooper is the creator of 'Bety Bop', fun songs and books for children in English.

This project was inspired by the birth of her first grandchild Ray in 2009.

Beth believes that HAPPY CHILDREN will make a HAPPY FUTURE.

Raising children with great self esteem is key to a happy and successful future.




Beth wrote all the songs for the 'Sing and Hop with Bety Bop' CD as well as the illustrations, notated music and activities for the 'Sing and Hop with Bety Bop' book.

Beth is a professionally trained singer and harp player with many years experience performing in Australia and Europe and currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic. 






Ivo Kopecky


Ivo is a professional trombonist and plays both jazz and classical repertoire in various bands and orchestras in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic.

Ivo arranged the music for tracks 1-4, 6 & 7, 11 & 12 of 'Sing and Hop with Bety Bop'





Lucas Hamacek


 Lucas Hamacek is a versatile Bass Guitarist who plays with a number of bands in Prague, Czech Republic




Tomas Hadek


 Tomas Hadek is a professional Blues/Jazz Guitarist, performing regularly in Prague, Czech Republic




Martin Mynarik


Martin Mynarik is a professional Clarinetist/Saxiphonist who plays both classical and jazz repertoire, based in Prague, Czech Republic.




Jaroslav Skop


Jaroslav Skop is a professional Classical/Jazz Trumpeter who is based in Prague, Czech Republic





Vladimir Bradac


Vladimir Bradac - Pilot by profession and an excellent percussionist in his spare time in Prague, Czech Republic.






Miroslav Knez


Miroslav Knez - Picture Framer by profession and guitarist/singer in his spare time in Prague, Czech Republic




Michal Senbauer


Michal Senbauer is a professional sound engineer with his own studio 'Sun Music'. Michal is also the lead singer and lead guitarist with the rock group 'Ceske Srdce'; based in Prague, Czech Republic. 




Nina Klestilova


 Nina plays guitar and sings with a lovely mellow alto voice. She enjoys singing celtic and spiritual songs with Bety and has vast experience singing Moravian folk songs with expressive interpretation. Nina performs regularly and is based in Prague, Czech republic









Daniel Cooper


Daniel Cooper is an accomplished musician from Sydney, Australia who specialises in Early Music.

Daniel has his own Medieval group The Orion Consort who have performed in numerous venues in Sydney and surrounding areas.

Daniel has also played in a number of concerts with the Ro┼żumberska Kapela in Prague, Czech republic.



Daniel recording for the Bety Bop CD with Klara Messanyova



Daniel arranged the music for tracks 5, 8 & 9 on the Bety Bop CD



Klara Messanyova


Klara comes from a family of professional musicians and even though music is not her full-time pursuit, Klara plays with ease and grace and has an indisputable depth of musical knowledge and experience.



Klara also plays with the Orion Consort in Sydney, Australia